Episode 57

The “VERY Harry Houdini” Expertease

Published on: 10th September, 2022

Escape the chains of everyday drudgery and enjoy this examination into the life of the temp we hired to portray the Great Houdini.

Much love and many thanks to announcer Moira Quirk.

Your hosts are Danno Sullivan and Clare Sera

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Clare: [:

Daniel Sullivan, We are excited to speak with you. An expert on Harry Houdini,

Danno, everybody in the world knows who Harry Houdini was.

Danno: The

world's greatest escape artist and magician. And hang on. It says here, illusionist

Clare: illusionist.

Danno: and [:

Clare: spiritualist. He did not like lists of any kind, but especially spiritual lists.

Danno: So Claire, I would just like to thank you for sending over these, um, these points before the recording began. Yeah. I Danno if Danno told you, but, he's out sick today, so I'm here from the Kelly girl temporary services. so you can just address me as Danno,

Clare: I will be addressing you as Danno Sullivan.

Danno: but please it's important for you to just stick with things that were on the list, cuz I Danno that much.

Clare: you got the brief that we sent to over, to, to.

Danno: And don't get me wrong. If you want to ask me questions about, you know, macros and Microsoft word or, uh, payroll. I can handle that.

Clare: but no. Today, uh, we are speaking on Harry Houdini, the great Hungarian escape artist, who is the father of modern magic to, to many, many people.

Danno: He just sounds like a fascinating person, Claire.

Clare: Oh, no. [:

Danno: Mm-hmm oh, he was an author,

Clare: no, uh, he, he was a magician,

Danno: a magician named author. I see. Okay.

Clare: Oh, uh, you know, um, can I, can I speak with your boss?

Danno: Kelly girl enterprises

Clare: I, uh, this is Clare Sera over at expertise.

Danno: expertise podcast. Oh, I think you've got one of our, um, Tim there with you today, right? Juliana. Henceforth.

Clare: Juliana henceforth is filling in for Danno Sullivan

Danno: Yeah. She's one of our best. Are you, is she there for payroll or a Microsoft word?

Clare: see that's part of the problem. Um, we don't need temp for any of the, usual things that, um, she, she was hard to be a guest on our podcast to take the place of our actual guest.

And she does, she knows nothing about the topic.

Danno: why don't you tell me about the topic I'll pass it along to Juliana and then I'm sure she'll be fine. she's one of our brightest and most flexible tips.

not be too bad because to be [:

Danno: Now you what? What's a podcast. I'm sorry.

Clare: um, it is a recorded

interview. Yeah.

Danno: so hang on just a second, please. Uh, Juliana, are you there?

Clare: Hello?

Danno: Ju Juliana?

Clare: Yes.

Yes. This is Juliana Hesford

Danno: Listen, Juliana. I've got Clare Sera from expertise podcast on the other line. I

Clare: yes, I'm there. I'm there now. I'm at the offices now.

Danno: now. It sounds to me like have been taken over by perhaps a spirit from another realm. Juliana, are you.

Clare: I'm I'm absolutely 100% out of here.

Danno: Juliana. Hang on just a second, please. Hello, miss Sera.

Clare: yes.

Danno: it's uh, Roger at Kelly services again.

I was talking with Juliana on the other line.

Clare: Great. is she ready to.

Danno: no, no, I think there's been a horrible.

Clare: oh,

h , all the talk of, Houdini [:

Uh, and I Danno, if you're able to talk her down, talk her out, what has to happen here, but this, uh, at seven and a half dollars an hour clear, we can't really send our, our folks out for this kind of.

Clare: So you're telling me that the attempt that we hired to replace Danno as the expert on Harry Houdini has been taken over by a spirit like, at a seance that he would, clearly be faking in order to gin up some audience for one of his shows.

Danno: As far as I can tell that's what's happened. Claire, look, we mostly specialize in office services. so this is really a little bit out of our wheelhouse. If you can talk her down or talk her through it.

Clare: Well, put her on, I, let me speak with her.

Danno: Claire, listen, she's 18. She must not

Clare: well, I mean, everybody dies. I'm not gonna take responsibility for a person's life who has ventured into the other nether realm.

Danno: Hold please.

Clare: Hello, Julian.[:

Danno: uh, this is Danno Sullivan. Your podcast guest.

Clare: ju okay. Uh, Juliana, listen to me. I know that you were in there.

Danno: Yeah.

Clare: I, I do not want to speak to the spirit of Danno Sullivan. I want. Juliana knock on the desk three times. Very good. Do you see Juliana, you are in control of the body that you are possessing now, before you ask this spirit to leave, I just wanna, I do wanna ask the spirit one thing. Um, did you, or do you know Harry Houdini?

Houdini was born and hung in:

see that Juliana is starting [:

Danno: Kelly services. May I help you?

Clare: Oh, oh, I, I, I'm not sure how you got in on, on this call. Everything is fine.

Danno: Good. We just like to check in on our, uh, on our employees every once in a while, make sure that they're, uh, living up to your expectations. If there's anything that, you would suggest for future improvements, we'd love to implement those. We have a survey you could

Clare: yeah, no, I'll let you know those later also, I, I'm not really sure that I'm comfortable with you being able to click into any of my personal phone. To check in on your temps. Also, I really do need to get back to Juliana. I mean, it's not an emergency or anything. I just do need to check in with her.

So if you don't mind, Juliana.

Danno: uh,

this is Danno Sullivan, your podcast guest for the day.

ons before you leave us, did [:

anno: Harry Houdini was born.:

Clare: you've already said that. Wait, wait a

Danno: he traveled across the sea.

Clare: the notes that I provided Juliana with. Are you just reading Juliana's notes? What kinda a spirit are you? Did you know, Harry Houdini?

ladies and gentlemen, I'm just gonna have to apologize on behalf of the expertise podcast today. Not only did you not get the expert Daniel Sullivan on Harry Houdini. Um, his temporary Julian henceforth knew nothing about Harry Houdini, but she was summarily taken over by a spirit that. Look, I'm not gonna lie.

I hoped for a moment to take advantage of the situation and get a little behind the scenes knowledge from somebody who personally knew Harry Houdini. I, uh, oh, excuse me. One moment listeners. Yes. Hello,

Sullivan, your podcast guest.[:

I just wanted to say thanks for having me on the show.

Clare: Oh.

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